Arte Clinica

Why the name "Arte Clinica"?

The name ‘Arte Clinica’ is the result of an enlightenment I had while formulating my dream

ARTE, apart from being a name, is also an acronym. A.R. refer to the Golden Ratio ("Regola Aurea In Italian), which represents the mathematical proportion of aesthetic perfection; this relationship is graphically summarized by the golden spiral. T. and E. are the initials of Tommaso and Erica, the two founders. 

ART (Arte in Italian) represents the meaning we give to our work, where class, elegance and the enhancement of each individual's uniqueness represent fundamental values

CLINIC, on the other hand, indicates the medical concept and the scientific nature of the whole project.

Where does the logo come from?

The logo represents the symmetrical intersection of 8 golden spirals that converge at the center of the circle. The number 8 is representative of the perfect balance of things. The origin of the logo is hidden by the full outline of a flower, which is obtained by crossing 4 identical circles. The dimensions of the circles respect the golden ratio, with the largest circle containing the main design. 

The relationship between the outer circle and the circle defined by the lighter gradient is the golden ratio (1.618), a key number that is reflected in the construction of the 8 spirals. In short, the logo is the perfect synthesis of what is created within Arte Clinica.