About us

Arte Clinica is a dream come true

Arte Clinica is a Medical SPA, a beauty clinic. 

It is a unique center where you will find a team of professionals ready to guide you on the path of enhancing your image. 

We cover medical disciplines such as Aesthetic Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine, Trichology, Physiotherapy and Nutrition. You will also find an area dedicated to the care of the soul and the search for the right lifestyle: the Beauty Centre

Here you can choose relaxation paths and massages at our Head SPA, book a consultation for your image (Make-up and Semi-Permanent Make-up) or receive face and body beauty treatments. 

"In my work, I have come across requests from patients that I realized I could only satisfy through teamwork. Like in an orchestra, where every musician works in harmony with the others, in this wonderful center a special music is also played, the music of beautyBoasting a specialized group of professionals, we combine the main disciplines to enhance the beauty of each individual. We are inspired by the Golden Ratio, the infinite principle of the pursuit of perfection. We operate in the Treviso area". 

Dr Tommaso Battistella


Why in a Venetian Villa ?

Because the roots of Italian splendor can be found in our land and our traditions. Working with dedication, being proactive, aiming for one's own improvement, asking the right questions to meet specific goals, not giving up and having the ability to reinvent themselves – these characteristics distinguish and elevate Italians all over the world.

The Villa belonged to Ludovico Manin, the last Doge of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. The 15th-century building has retained all the characteristics of different eras and styles. The context of maximum quiet and confidentiality fits perfectly with what we offer to our patients.

Why a health center combined with a non-medical center ?

The medical field is the driving force behind the entire center. Skillful expertise, analysis and honesty are shared values by the whole team. This allows me to be able to advise, without fear, professionals who are then able to do things beyond my reach. Many women, for example, enthusiastic about the results of a facelift or a simple filler, need advice for home skin care. Men, on the other hand, after a transplant or a hair care cycle, may need cosmetic treatments to maintain the results. Arte Clinica offers a dedicated and well-kept space for all needs.

But why a Head Spa?

The Head Spa is an idea taken from the ​​Japanese culture, which I personally respect and consider to be unique in its kind. The Head Spa, in addition to allowing to manage all hair treatments, is a moment in which the patient can isolate themselves from the tensions of everyday life, living an unparalleled sensory and relaxation experience. Shiatsu scalp massages, skin and hair health treatments in a room that is fully available.