Tommaso Battistella, MD

Born in Pordenone, Dr. Tommaso Battistella earned a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Padua and a specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Verona with full marks and honors. 

He works as a Board Sosmetic Surgeon in Treviso.

 “Where there’s a will, there’s a way is the motto that has allowed me to achieve great success in my life. Every day pushes me to improve and specialize in order to offer amazing results."

Alberto Marchetti, MD

Dr. Alberto Marchetti is a surgeon specializing in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He works as a freelancer in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and laser treatments. He deals with regenerative surgery and breast reconstruction with fat grafting. 

“Cosmetic medicine and surgery are sometimes seen with skepticism because the different treatments are considered by some as an excessive quest for perfection dictated by vanity. On the other hand, I have a decidedly different idea. 

When I work, I know I can restore confidence, give strength and defend the right of every person to feel beautiful and at ease in their own body." 

"When a woman regains self-esteem, she becomes the best version of herself. I am here also for this reason. Mine is a beautiful profession, which allows me to come into contact with many people, listen to them, understand what they need. The best moment is when I find my patients in the office after their post-operative convalescence: seeing them finally satisfied in the mirror is satisfying for me too."

Alessandro Rizzardo, MD

Always socially engaged in the world of sport and youth, professionally after graduating in Medicine I followed the path of Pain Therapy and I specialized in Anesthesiology, deepening my studies at the ISAL Institute with Professor W. Raffaeli, already a member of National Commissions at the Ministry of Health, and co-editor of Law 38/2010 concerning the recognition and management of pain in Italy. Together with the traditional studies and the ward activity I have combined the Academic activity achieving important results with numerous international publications in English in scientific journals and specialized textbooks concerning the evolution and the most recent techniques in Pain Therapy, the Safety of the Therapy on the Patients and Road Safety. I deal pro bono with schools to raise awareness on drugs and addiction, and I am part of the UN Narcotics Commission.

Marianna Gazzola, PT

Marianna Gazzola has been a physiotherapist since 2005, obtaining a degree from the University of Padua. 

She worked for several years in the hospital, following patients in both the orthopedic and neurological fields. 

She boasts a ten-year experience in the field of urogynecological rehabilitation. 

In 2016 she obtained a Master’s Degree as Expert in Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics (Marcel Caufriez). 

She currently works as a freelancer, being considered a reference point in her geographical area for the pre and post-surgical treatment of abdominal diastasis and urogynecological rehabilitation.

Marco Temporin, MD

Dr. Marco Temporin is a surgeon with a degree from the University of Padua and specialized in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine. At the same university he attended a specialization course in dietetics and diet therapy and completed his studies with a second-level international Master's degree in nutrition and dietetics at the Polytechnic University of Le Marche. He works as a Nutritionist at Arte Clinica.

Dott. Alvise Sernicola

Marta Bonetto TP