Erica Callegari

She is the administrator and co-founder of Arte Clinica. Always at the forefront, she has the great ability to coordinate all the activities of our group, keeping calm and a high level of precision. She always manages to find solutions to any problems. Turn to her and you will be satisfied.



Tommaso Battistella, MD

He is the Medical Director and co-founder of Arte Clinica. He works side by side with Erica in the choices of the company.

Maddalena Fogale

Beauty Center - Cosmetic -

Natascia Moro

Qualified professional in the beauty sector, she has been applying for years advanced procedures for skin care. Her task is to plan a personalized beauty protocol for everyone. Given her specialization, she will be able to be by your side throughout your beauty journey.




Beauty Center - Head SPA

Elisa Piaja, Stylist

She is a wellness worker in the hairdressing sector. Her specialty is women’s haircuts in the broadest understanding of the term. Elisa works in this wonderful field guided by real passion. She specialized in Degradé, an Italian technique with more fashion-forward and modernized style.  For her, every woman is unique and as such deserves an exclusive and personalized service.

Matteo Bellomo, microscopist technician

Matteo is a true enthusiast of polarized light microscopy in the trichological field. He has a certificate as microscopist technician from SITRI (Italian Society of Trichology) and further specialized in the centers of internationally renowned professionals. At Arte Clinica he deals with the technical analysis of polarized light during trichological visits.

Diego Bellomo, Stylist

Diego is a master in hairdressing with over thirty years of experience. He specializes in men's haircuts and beard shaving. He loves trichology, and therefore he has turned his passion into his job. He teaches at IAL Pordenone and he is a reference point for Tricoitalia, from where he holds a vocational certificate in Microscopy and Microcamera.