Dermopigmentation is the solution to many types of imperfections. It changes its name according to the technique used. 

It is defined as semi-permanent make-up and / or Microblading to correct eyebrows that are thinning, too light or absent, or to mark a little defined lip contour. 

These two techniques represent an innovative alternative to traditional make-up techniques. 

It is called Tricopigmentation when the technique is used to conceal thinned hair or beard with or without alopecia. 

Lastly, it becomes micropigmentation when working in the para-medical field. Using this technique, ugly post-surgical scars, irregularities of the areola-nipple complex, burns and stretch marks can be improved. 

Dermopigmentation consists in inserting natural pigments (usually plant extracts) into the most superficial layers of the skin, creating a cosmetic effect that can last up to two years.