This technique has now been known for some years and it represents the gold standard for filling in existing eyebrows. Specifically, it is perfectly suited for those people who want to perfect their eyebrows, making them thicker and more regular, proportionate to the head and tail. 

The technique consists in reconstructing the shape of the hair with an elongated line of pigment as it would be in nature. To achieve this result, a special tool is used, other than a scalpel, which is called a microblading pen, equipped with micro blades and micro needles that can interrupt the most superficial layers of the epidermis (skin) to allow the pigment to penetrate. 

Results can last about 8 months depending on the skin type. 

In many cases it is associated with the reconstruction of the eyebrows by autologous transplant. The combination of the two techniques offers amazing results. 

The treatment is contraindicated for people suffering from atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. It is always advisable to have a dermatological examination before starting the treatment. In fact, people with very oily or sensitive skin may not be able to undergo the treatment. Furthermore, those who use anticoagulants or suffer from diabetes must indicate their pathologies to the specialist due to the possible complications in healing.