Semi-permanent make-up


Every face has a different shape of eyebrows. The key element is to find the ideal one for oneself. Therefore, depending on one’s features, it is necessary to adapt the shape of the eyebrows to the specific type of face. Examples of different types are as follows:

Curved eyebrows

they have a round shape with no edges. They are suitable for those with strong facial features, giving a sweet and natural look. 

Straight eyebrows

in this case, the arc is barely visible. Suitable for long faces, they can highlight big eyes. 


Thick eyebrows

Ideal for a Mediterranean face: marked features, big eyes, full lips. Much in demand in fashion, even if they are not the best choice for everyone. 


Thin eyebrows

Chosen by those with a small face and eyes with delicate features. 


Gull-winged eyebrows

Credit for their style goes to the great Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor who in the 1950s featured the famous, and now very popular, eyebrows in question. It is not possible to replicate the same eyebrow shape on all people who request it.



Semi-permanent lip make-up has several objectives: it can be used to define the lip contour or simply correct any imperfections; it can give harmony or a volumizing effect. There are three different lip make-up methods.

Lip Contour Tattoo

The first one is the lip contour tattoo. It is recommended when the lip profile is poorly defined. In this case, the specialist, equipped with a dermograph, marks the contour of the lips with high precision, increasing the color intensity by one or two tones, compared to the rest of the lip. 


Shaded Technique for Plumping Effect

When the desire is to obtain a shaded effect, for plumping and volumizing results, the shaded technique with a filling effect is the best option. In this case, a different intensity of color must not be perceptible between the edge and the volume of the lip. 

This technique can also be advisable for those who need to make corrections for natural asymmetries. 


Glam Lipstick Effect Filling

In this case the shaded effect is key. Unlike the previous technique, however, in this case a play of light is created from the inside out. A lighter part is drawn in the innermost part to give more volume. This technique is ideal for those who have very light lip color lips.


Para-medical picropigmentation is a valid solution to scarring with depigmentation and irregularities. It is also performed for the first time for the reconstruction of the areoles after a mastectomy, or in the most severe cases of vitiligo in limbs and on the face. 

It is certainly a low-impact technique that greatly improves imperfections, which can cause insecurity in people.