Tricopigmentation is a dermopigmentation method that exclusively involves the scalp. More and more popular amongst patients, it is a comfortable and effective solution. There are many requests for this methodology. The main request is addressed to a thickening effect, which can be carried out in case of androgenetic alopecia in men or women or in case of thinning of different characteristics. There are numerous other requests associated with a tricopigmentation session. For example: FUE and FUT post autofollicular transplant scars, scalp scars, alopecia areata, general thinning. 

The innovative techniques concerning the type of pigments used and the dermopigmentation technique allow to obtain very realistic results with a lower possibility of migration and color change (common problems with the old methods). 

Tricopigmentation is performed with bio-absorbable pigments offering results ranging from six to sixteen months. An excellent result is usually obtained with at least two sessions (approximately 40 days apart). However, if in the future one decides not to renew the treatment and wants to return to their natural condition, it is normally possible. To have a complete discoloration, it takes an average time of at least about 20 months (it is very rare that light marks may remain). 

Tricopigmentation is a minimally invasive and painless treatment despite what one might think. The sessions take place in a single day, except in case of total alopecia areata, for which two consecutive days may be necessary. 

Immediate redness after treatment disappears after maximum 48 hours, during which it is necessary to apply soothing gels or topical antibiotics to avoid superinfections. The immediate result after the first two days is altered due to skin remodeling: the line will seem very clear, less covering and darker than it should. This completely normal phase takes about 30 days to stabilize.