Thalasso therapy exploits the beneficial effects of sea water to treat various body imperfections (such as orange peel and skin laxity).

From the Greek word ‘Therapeyo’, which meant "cure and assist", the modern term ‘therapy’ derives, that is to say to solve what does not feel good. Thanks to an incredible concentration of marine active ingredients, oligoelements and different types of seaweed, the main imperfections of the body are eliminated, with surprising and long-lasting results. The thalasso line used in the spa section of Arte Clinica stands out for the very high concentration of powerful marine active ingredients, which represent a real revolution.

(5 treatments recommended every 15 days)

The lack of skin tone of the body is a very frequent condition. The tissues are not very elastic, and the skin is not very compact. The softening agent used in the treatment of thalasso therapy, rich in functional substances, is able to affect this condition, improving it. Taking advantage of the characteristics of marine silt, it works precisely on toning and at the same time on reducing water retention, the main feature of cellulite. This path makes the skin more compact and toned. 

Included services: contact, exfoliation, specific reinforcement to restore tone, massage with specific manual skills, installation of a softening agent rich in functional substances, final treatment with a specific cream. 

(treatment recommended every 15 days for 4 consecutive times)

Cellulite is a nightmare for most women. The cause of its occurrence is not unique and specific. The common problem, however, is the mechanism by which it develops: the increase in extracellular pressure due to stagnation of fluid in the third space, and the increase in the volume of adipocytes creates tension and reduces space for blood and lymphatic vessels. Drainage becomes difficult and the persistent stagnation creates inflammation. Thalasso therapy, thanks to the great drainage and stimulation capacity of the lymphatic system,  can obtain great results against this imperfection.

Included services: contact, exfoliation, specific reinforcement for the reduction of adiposity, massage with a specific product for imperfections, seaweed with reducing effects on the whole body, final treatment with a specific cream.