Talent, professionalism and kindness are offered to all patients with high-quality personalized protocols to lift the facial tissues, brighten the skin and improve its texture. Treatments that not only counteract the signs of aging, but also prepare the skin for cosmetic medicine treatments, preserving the results for a longer time.


Skin awakening
(recommended as an initial step before any treatment)

Facial cleansing is the most important treatment to prevent deposited skin impurities, which can lead to the enlargement of the pores and the disappearance of the skin's natural shine. The concept of facial cleansing goes far beyond the "simple" elimination of dirt: thoroughly cleaning the face means taking care of yourself, preserving the skin in the best conditions and preventing the accumulation of sebum and impurities. 

One treatment per month is recommended. 

Included services: cleansing, toning with SPA MIST II, ​​deep cleansing, disinfection, face massage, skin defend

(recommended once per month)

To protect the skin from pollution, effective shields are needed that do not allow harmful particles to penetrate and age faster. 

Particles of fine dust, together with smog, UV rays and blue light represent the main categories of pollutants. In fact, they increase oxidative stress, giving the complexion a dull tone. 

One treatment per month is recommended. 

Included services: double cleansing, toning with SPA MIST II, ​​deep hydration, antioxidant reinforcement, skin nourishment, face massage, skin defend.

Pearls of beauty
(Recommended 3 time per month)

To keep the skin in an optimal condition it is important to nourish it and stimulate it with specific paths. This set of treatments works with the help of stimulating and anti-oxidant substances. The protocol uses a mask that contains micronized pearls and nutrients derived from caviar with a tensor effect on the skin.

Included services: Cleansing, toning, excoriation, nourishment, face massage, compensation.









BEAUTY SEAWEED (sargassum-fusiforme)