Head spa

At Arte Clinica we offer a new revolutionary experience, known as Head SPA

Based on Indian Ayurvedic massage techniques, at a later stage Japan developed the idea of ​​creating a new and original holistic wellness path. Much more than a single head massage, a Head Spa combines hair treatments, scalp renewal, deep cleansing, skin detox, aromatherapy and a shiatsu massage with a unique Japanese method. 

An absolutely relaxing unique experience.

The Arte Clinica Head Spa offers a complete path for the well-being of the hair and scalp. Conditions of weak hair are treated, and problems are prevented by ensuring the head achieves the best natural balance. The first Head Spa of this type in the Treviso area.

Yume Chair

To further enhance an experience of total tranquility, Arte Clinica performs each Head Spa treatment in a dedicated and private space that is equipped with YUME DX lunge chairs, the state of the art armchairs of this kind. 

Designed for long treatment sessions, the special Yume Dx armchair guarantees perfect comfort as it follows the natural movements of the human body. It allows to completely adjust the seat, reclining the back and stretching the legs. The head is supported by a soft ergonomic support that unloads the weight of the head on several mobile points, completely avoiding any type of pressure on the neck. 

YUME DX allows for easy total relaxation during each treatment.

Spa Mist

Our services are accompanied by this sophisticated instrument, which generates a fine mixture of microscopic particles of water. Unlike other micronizers, Spa Mist 2 allows the particles to penetrate deeper into the hair structure by gently opening the cuticles, obtaining a deeper conditioning for the scalp and hair. The micronized and heated water vapor also improves blood flow and circulation, boosting the muscles and therefore reducing fatigue and the onset of migraines.