Awakening of the Scalp

 A detoxifying treatment to eliminate impurities, toxins and heavy metals. It promotes hair health and growth and ensures optimal condition for the scalp. 


Included services: Scalp care with exfoliating peeling, Spa Mist 2, blow dry.

Deluxe Dermo-Purification

Ideal for scalp care. It is a personalized path chosen according to one's own state of skin health and individual needs. Choose one of the 4 different types. 

Included Services: Scalp care, Spa Mist 2, Hand-shoulder-face massage, blow dry.


Treatment for dry skin and dandruff through hydration, soothing and purifying action.


Anti-inflammatory treatment with soothing action for skin with psoriasis symptoms: itching, redness and flaking.


Purification and rebalancing treatment for skin with a high degree of seborrhea and greasiness.

Hair loss 

Revitalization and strengthening treatment for weak hair with a tendency to fall out. Stimulation of the follicles to promote regrowth.

Oriental Silk
60min or 90min

This is the complete package. The service includes all the services of the "Deluxe Dermo-Purification" and "Scalp Awakening" programs and adds an extra emphasis on relaxation and hair care. The salon is exclusively available only for the customer; aromatherapy, sounds of nature, play of light, oils and herbs and a shiatsu massage guarantee a unique relaxation experience. 

Included services: Scalp Care, Basic Hair Care, Hand-Shoulder-Face Massage, Hydro-Dhara, Spa Mist 2, blow dry.


Premium Smoothing Anti-Frizz Treatment

A 7-step straightening and detangling treatment for any hair type. It reduces volume, eliminates frizz, gives brightness and improves the hair structure. With immediate effect, the result lasts up to 6 months. This treatment represents maximum effectiveness, born from the fusion of innovative technologies and plant extracts. 

Additional Options


A relaxing SPA-like ritual to harmonize the scalp, hair and mind. An aroma-therapeutic distillate, mixed with pure essential oils, is gently poured on the front line to convey nutrients to the hair and scalp. The pituitary gland is simultaneously stimulated, relieving stress and nervous tension.

Hair reconstruction

A 3-step reconstruction process that repairs hair damaged by chemicals and heat (from hairdryers and straighteners). Completely natural, it is based on proteins, vegetable keratin and hyaluronic acid, which guarantees healthy, soft and shiny hair. 

Straightening treatment

A 3-step treatment with deep conditioning that immediately improves all types of hair, leaving it silky and soft. It reduces the frizz effect, restoring the natural texture of the shaft; it has a detangling effect even for the most difficult and untamable hair, with results that last up to 5 weeks. 


Moisturizing Treatment

A 5-step treatment with deep conditioning to revitalize dull, dry, brittle and weak hair. It restores deep hydration from the inside out to promote the shine and vibrancy of colors. 

Organic repair lotion

It deeply repairs the structure of the hair with plant proteins and Amazonian butter, leaving the hair visibly healthier. It increases the elasticity and brightness of the hair.