The stages of the Head Spa

1. Specific analysis 


Analysis of the scalp and hair with a micro camera in order to create a personalized treatment. 


2. Preparation 


Applying a personalized blend of herbs and perfumes, combining a neck and shoulder massage with Japanese essential oils to relax the body and mind while preparing for the spa session. 


3. Purifying Treatment


Scalp treatment with a detoxifying cleanser combined with a deep message for deep pore cleansing. 


4. Steam Therapy 


Opening of the pores by hydration and vaporization; effective removal of accumulated chemicals and other debris (heavy metals). 


5. Shampoo Spa 


A Shiatsu-style massage that allows the mind and body to purify themselves while cleaning the scalp and hair.


6. Conditioner 


Hydration by steam associated with the simultaneous deep penetration of a conditioner into the hair structure to guarantee optimal results over time. 


7. Relax 


Wrapping the head in a warm towel creates a feeling of warmth that improves relaxation.


8. Personalized lotion 


Using a skin lotion suitable for the specific type of scalp, the pleasant effect is prolonged for a longer time.