Tummy Tuck- Abdominoplasty- Mommy Makeover- Everything You Want To Know

What Is Tummy Tuck Or Abdominoplasty? 

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is an innovative and reconstructive contouring technique that helps remove extra fats and skin from the mid-section of the abdomen. The rejuvenating process of abdominal surgery aims to provide a smooth, tight, and firm appearance to the stomach. It is designed to remove extra fats formed after pregnancy, aging, and imprudent weight loss. In addition, the process targets to restore the shape and appearance of the body after bearing a child and immoderate weight loss that results in flabby skin and sagging.

 Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery improves patients' self-esteem and confidence after getting the desired body and shape. Tummy tuck after weight loss is imperative to get rid of stretchy loose skin that otherwise is impossible to unload—similarly, the natural aging process outcomes in less collagen production, leaving the skin loose and saggy. Cesarean births also sequel into terrible loosening of abdominal muscles. All the problems can be answered by a single solution: tummy tuck surgery, which is commonly referred to as abdominoplasty or mommy makeover. Tummy tuck surgery by the masterly hands of Dr. Battistella would enable you to look exemplary in your swimming suit or yoga outfit.  

Body Contouring Plans

Among various available body contouring options, selecting the viable alternative that suits your age and lifestyle is sometimes confusing. But, Arte Clinica is welcoming to guide you among the various ranges of tummy tuck surgeries. The other options are;

Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery

Mini tummy tuck surgery contours and eliminates fats from the lower part of the abdomen. The process of mini-abdominoplasty is ideal for patients who have lesser fat pockets in the area between the belly button and pubic. In addition, the process best suits the patients who have creases and bulges over the lower abdomen, but it is not overhanging. 

Complete Abdominoplasty

Complete abdominoplasty is a standard tummy tuck plastic surgery that aids in incomplete removal of fats and skin from the abdomen. The process also contours and repairs muscles from the abdominal wall. 

Extended Abdominoplasty

Extended abdominoplasty removes and repairs the excessive fats and skin from the abdomen, flanks, and lower back and upper hips. In addition, the extensive surgery removes all the stubborn fats from the extended body areas and repairs the torn abdominal muscles. 

Brazilian Tummy Tuck

The Brazilian tummy tuck is more functional for removing sagging and overhanging skin than the extra fats in the abdomen. In addition, the Brazilian tummy tuck incorporates a liposuction technique to get better skin removal from the flanks, waist, and stomach. 

Fleur de Lis Abdominoplasty

Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty is a fat removal plastic surgery that removes fats from the upper and lower abdomen in the vertical direction. Further, a firm and smooth appearance     to the skin is obtained by a downward and inward pull. 

Liposuction, Vaser liposuction, and CoolSculpting procedures of fat removal and contour have their unique benefits. The qualified and very talented plastic surgeons at Arte Clinica always help their patients to get the best suitable options by weighing the benefits vs. complications ratio. 

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Abdominoplasty / Tummy tuck surgery? 

Following are the recommendations that would help you make a critical decision of tummy tuck surgery according to your age, lifestyle, amount of fats, and expectations from the surgery. 

What is the procedure of Tummy Tuck Surgery? 

The extent of the switch and contour your body will require would help the surgeons to decide the type of fat or skin removal surgery. The process will start by giving the general anesthesia depending upon your anesthesia history or surgeon’s recommendations. During a typical procedure, the fat will remove from the pubic area and abdomen. Next, your surgeon will incite the horizontal, oval, or elliptical direction to remove fats and skin from the abdomen. Permanent stitches are used to tighten the fascia over the core. Skin repositioning is done by making the incision around the belly button to take it out and to put it back and fixed with stitches after making necessary adjustments. Suturing the incision above the bikini line will leave blemishes that fall along the skin's natural creases. You might be given intravenous antibiotics during the surgery to prevent the spread of infections. The entire process takes about two to three hours to get complete.

What are the Benefits of the Tummy Tuck Surgery? 

Results and Recovery

Complete recovery from the tummy Tuck Surgery takes eight weeks. The desired outcomes are obtained by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet routine. Your surgeon will suggest you, either a single surgery is sufficient to acquire the desired results, or you may need the subsequent surgeries to get the optimal results.