Da sapere

Procedure duration
Approx. 20 minutes
Post-operative recovery
Not necessary
Method of admission
Outpatient treatment
Not necessary
Return to social life
Return to physical activity


Biostimulation is a treatment that qualitatively improves the characteristics of the skin, making it brighter, more compact and younger looking. It is able to attenuate the finest wrinkles thanks to its strong moisturizing and structuring power. 

In my daily practice many patients ask me which one is the best moisturizer. The advice I give to all female patients is to undergo annual maintenance cycles with biostimulation (for example one every three months). Moisturizing cream, even with hyaluronic acid, cannot penetrate into the skin, contrary to what biostimulation does. 

Biostimulation has sensational effects on dark circles, peri-oral and peri-ocular wrinkles and on skin tone. 


The advantage of using classic biostimulants with hyaluronic acid is determined by the fact that this procedure involves a strong anti-oxidant power that can reduce the number of free radicals in the dermis, therefore slowing down the degradation of collagen. This treatment can also be intended for prevention and is aimed at both young and mature skins (aged 25 and over). Allergan Hydrate or Volite, Vital Galderma, Teosyal Redencity I and II, Aquashine and Aquashine BTX, Placiousx Integro are all products used according to specific needs.


The advantage of using PDO threads for biostimulation is determined by the fact that this procedure has a relaxing effect on the skin, which triggers a lifting effect. This type of treatment, therefore, is aimed at people with mature skin (aged 40 and over). JBP V-Lift, Mono and Premium, Phoenix screw and original.