Blotches and Tatto Removal

Da sapere

Procedure duration
10-30 minutes
Post-operative recovery
Not necessary
Method of admission
Outpatient treatment
Not necessary or topical
Return to social life
Return to physical activity
2-7 days


Laser used: Quanta EVO C-Plus MT 

The Q-Switch Laser is a technology designed for the removal of blotches and tattoos. Thanks to a particular wavelength that is absorbed by the pigment (color of the blotch / tattoo), the laser is able to eliminate almost all types of abnormal coloring on the skin, without leaving marks or scars. Specifically, this laser, thanks to the Mix Technology, combines two different wavelengths to be effective even on color shades. Also ideal for removing cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.


The Q-Switch Laser allows to permanently remove sunspots, lentigo, tattoos of any color and shape. 

The treatment is painless and is carried out without the need for anesthesia. After the treatment it is necessary to apply an antibiotic cream for one or two days since a scab develops, which must be protected and kept soft. After about a week it comes off leaving the skin completely intact. 

For superficial spots, generally one or two sessions are necessary. For tattoos, on the other hand, depending on whether professional or amateur, it can take three or more sessions. 

Each session is scheduled at least 40-50 days apart in order to allow cellular reorganization.