Da sapere

Procedure duration
Approx. 15 minutes
Post-operative recovery
Not necessary
Method of admission
Outpatient treatment
Not necessary
Return to social life
Return to physical activity


Mesotherapy is a very popular practice all year round, especially in the spring. Excellent results can be achieved within three to four months. The sessions are about 15-25 days apart. A complete course of treatment includes 4-6 sessions. 

The products used are different depending on the problem to be solved. In the majority of cases, however, mixed conditions are treated. Lipodystrophy consists of a vicious circle that involves micro-circulation, the development of adipose tissue and the accumulation of fluid in the extracellular space. 

With the new radial technique, the treatment is no longer very painful. In addition, the temporary imperfections due to hematomas (blue spots) generated with the traditional technique are less or completely absent. 

This innovation has allowed mesotherapy to become again a treatment in great demand by patients.