Trichological visit

Da sapere

Procedure duration
Approx. 45 minutes
Post-operative recovery
Not necessary
Method of admission
Continuous treatment
Not necessary
Return to social life
Return to physical activity


The trichological examination that I carry out in my clinic is meticulous and thorough. It consists of three phases, different from each other but all fundamental. 

The first part of the visit is to understand the history of alopecia. The patient is questioned on the modalities and timing of hair loss. In addition, comorbidities are studied thanks to laboratory tests previously carried out (and communicated over the phone). 

The second part is an inspection and studies the quality of the hair using a videodermatoscope. The tool projects enlarged images on a television. This phase allows me to explain to the patient what I see. The qualitative analysis of the hair shafts therefore gives a better picture. 

The third and last phase is the microscopic one. I use a polarized light microscope with which I study the hair bulbs, that is to say the vital part. This last phase represents the real great innovation of trichology, because it allows you to see the damage suffered by the hair up to two years before (due to shock, incorrect diet, drug intake and so on). 

At the end of the visit, I am able to offer targeted care for the patient, which, if followed according to the guidelines, guarantees excellent results

The visit is also preparatory for patients who are candidates for surgical transplantation since, in almost all cases, preparation is required to strengthen the hair of the donor area.