Eyebrow transplant

Da sapere

Procedure duration
1-3 hours
Post-operative recovery
Not necessary
Method of admission
Outpatient treatment
Return to social life
15 days
Return to physical activity


The thinning of the eyebrows is primarily due to repeated hair removal over the years. This technique is used to restore the shape of the eyebrow, now lost, or to thicken thinned areas without the need for a semi-permanent tattoo. 

The follicular units to be transferred are generally taken from the occipital region of the nape (hair) or alternatively from the arms (hair) with the FUE technique. A very thin STRIP can rarely be taken from a hidden part (elbow crease or posterior region of the arm). 

The procedure must be carried out with great meticulousness, with particular regard to the insertion of the follicles and the curvature of the hair. Hair must have a tangential orientation compared to the arch of the eyebrow. Attention to these details makes it possible to ensure that the effect of the transplanted hair is natural and integrated into the eyebrow area. 

"The surgical approach in the treatment of baldness has evolved to offer natural and lasting results over time."