Da sapere

Procedure duration
1-2 hours (depending on the area)
Post-operative recovery
1 day
Method of admission
Same-day surgery
Local with sedation or general
Return to social life
18 days
Return to physical activity
2-3 days


This innovative technique allows you to shape all areas of the body in a natural way, avoiding the use of synthetic and artificial products. Thanks to the presence of stem cells, the transferred adipose tissue rejuvenates the tissues and makes them more beautiful

It is a safe, minimally invasive and versatile technique for all body areas (face, breasts, buttocks, etc.). Its result is definitive. Ask for a consultation with Dr. Tommaso Battistella. 

"Shaping naturally and making the tissues younger is possible with lipofilling."


The surgical technique is the same as a liposuction. The difference is that the adipose tissue taken from the donor area (for example, abdomen, thighs, inner knees), instead of being eliminated, is reprocessed, treated (by centrifugation or filtering through decantation) and then reused for the treatment of the area of interest.


Pre-operative recommendations

It is advisable not to schedule surgery immediately before or during the menstrual period. Inform the surgeon of any treatment with drugs such as: cortisone, antihypertensive, contraceptive, hypoglycemic, anticoagulant, cardioactive or tranquilizing drugs, etc. 

Stop taking medications containing acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, Ascriptin, Bufferin, Cemerit, Vivin C, etc.) at least 10 days before surgery. Patients being treated with oral contraceptives are advised to stop taking them one month before surgery. It is necessary to abstain from smoking (active and passive) for at least two weeks before surgery (the incidence of complications is 10 times higher in patients who smoke). The onset of colds, sore throats, coughs and skin diseases should be flagged. Should there be a need to take any drug not reported during the anesthetic interview, inform immediately Dr. Battistella to assess its use. Do not eat or drink from midnight the day before: fasting is required

The day of the surgery 

Take a bath with a good skin cleanser and do not apply cream to the body. For a few days after the surgery, it will not be possible to wet the body.

Bring to the clinic: 

- Original pre-operative examination reports. 

- Clothing: 

  • wear comfortable clothes; 
  • a top that can be opened at the front (e.g. sweatshirt, blouse);
  • cotton linen (underwear and socks); 
  • practical clothes to wear during your stay in the clinic; 
  • a pair of slippers. 

- Payment of the procedure - The payment for the procedure must be received on the day of the surgery: 

  • by cash; 
  • by check 

Accommodation in the clinic includes a single or double room depending on the number of surgeries on the day and departmental needs. Therefore, in order to avoid disturbing those who have just undergone surgery, only one visitor / partner per person is allowed. 

After the lipofilling surgery 

The areas in which the adipose tissue is transferred are to be considered during the first days highly delicate. Therefore, it is advisable not to apply any pressure on the skin, which would risk compromising the survival of the cells just transferred. It is necessary to take positions, while sleeping or resting, that do not compress the treated parts. On the other hand, it is essential to wear a compression bandage or graduated compression stockings around the areas where the fat has been collected, day and night, for about a month. In the days immediately following the surgery, some pain may appear, justified by the type of surgery itself.

Widespread bruising is normal and will disappear spontaneously within 10-15 days. Although it is advisable to start walking and moving again from the day following the surgery, it is still recommended to rest for a period of 10-15 days. The complete resumption of work will be agreed with Dr. Tommaso Battistella. 

Avoid exposure to the sun or sources of intense heat for at least a month. The patient will have to carry out check-ups at Dr. Battistella’s office as per specific guidelines. After the first consultations deemed appropriate by the professional, the patient will have to come for a check-up after one month, three months, six months and one year from the operation. A post-operative check-up is to be performed on an annual basis to check on the progress of the result over time. The post-operative check-up is of high importance for the successful outcome of the surgery and it is therefore necessary. 


- Compressing the graft areas of the adipose tissue.

- Taking acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) drugs for the first 20 days. 

- Exposure to the sun or other sources of intense heat (sauna) for at least 1 year (protect scars with total protection sunscreen even under the swimsuit). 

- Practicing sports for 2 months.


- Wearing the compression sleeve day and night.

- Scrupulously following the prescribed pharmacological therapy. 

- Resuming sporting activities gradually after 2 months.