Breast Reduction Surgery – Mammoplasty

Breast Reduction Surgery – Mammoplasty - Arte Clinica, Italy

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What is Breast Reduction Surgery? 

Breast reduction surgery is also known as breast mammoplasty. It’s a surgical aesthetic procedure used to reduce the size of breast disproportions. Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of glandular fat tissues and extra skin from the oversized sagging breast. The process is also helpful to ease the discomfort caused by enlarged breasts during exercise and aids in relieving neck, shoulder, back and chest pain. Breast reduction surgery is a suitable option to get rid of infection and irritation at the inframammary creases of the body. 

The process of breast reduction surgery has proven a supportive option to increase the self-esteem and confidence of the patients. You will be able to participate actively in physical activities and fitness programs after the surgery that large breast otherwise doesn’t allow. You will have your desired body shape and symmetry when reduction surgery is done by the masterly hands of Dr. Tommaso Battistella. 

It is always encouraged to have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery and potential risks and complications associated with the process.   


Who is a Viable Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery? 

 The candidacy criteria for breast reduction surgery may include the following;


Who is not a viable candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery? 

How to Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery? 

Before going into the surgical breast reduction procedure, Dr. Tommaso Battistella will evaluate your physical health along with the history of past and present medical conditions and medications. The board-certified plastic surgeon- Dr. Tommaso, is responsible enough to have a complete understanding of your past surgical procedures. If you have your lump removed from the breast and other associated medical problems, it must be considered by the Surgeon. 

During the initial consultation, the provider will ask about your emotional and physical expectations from the surgery and demonstrate the process's potential risks and complications.  

You will have a mammogram or complete breast examination before the procedure. Breast size, photo images, and related measurements will help you evaluate the results after the recovery process. The physician will also demonstrate the extent of tissues and skin reduction required to have desired size and shape of your breast. 

You may also need to stop using anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications such as Motrin, Aleve or Aspirin to avoid the complication during and after surgery. 


What is the procedure of Breast Reduction surgery? 

 After the initial surgical preparation, the process starts by applying the local or general anesthesia depending upon the patient's anesthesia history. Dr. Tommaso determines the type of technique based on your aesthetic needs and expectations. Different techniques available for breast reduction surgery may include; 

The process starts by making the incision around the areola along lower pole of the breast, and removes adipose, glandular, and skin tissues to reduce the size. The process completes by reshaping and repositioning of breast, nipples, and areola. Your Surgeon will place the Sutures to close the incision and establish a drain tube under each arm to remove excess fluids and blood. 


What is the duration of Breast Reduction Surgery? 

 The entire process of reduction mammoplasty takes about two to three hours to get complete. The physician will recommend you use post-operative medications and antibiotics to prevent the spread of infection and to relieve pain and discomfort.  


What to Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery? 

 Immediately after the surgery, your Surgeon will cover your breast with surgical dressing or bandages and instruct you to come for a follow-up exam to remove bandages or sutures. You may be able to resume your routine activities one week after the surgery. Recovery from the procedure is time taking, and you will be able to resume physical activities after twenty to thirty days of breast reduction surgery. Use of ointments to clean the incision site and wearing loose-fitting clothes is also recommended for few weeks after the surgery. 


What are the Risks and  Complications of  Breast Reduction Surgery? 

 Breast reduction surgery may have risks and complications same as any other type of major surgery. These may include the following;



 Breast reduction surgery mitigates pain in the back, shoulder, and neck and increases your confidence. The results of surgery enable you to participate in physical activities and promote a positive self-image. The final results of surgery are permanent once all the swelling dissipates, which takes months. Results may alter due to aging and weight gain or loss.